What size bins do you use for the service?

We make use of the 240-litre Wheelie Bins. Green in colour.

How much will the garden refuse bin service cost at my address?

We only service the Greater Pretoria area and the bin service is R140 per bin per month.

If you make use of our green wheelie bins, then we have a once-off deposit of R750 per bin, which is refunded when the service is canceled and we get our bin back.

Many clients, however, have their own extra wheelie bin (any colour is fine), and prefer to use their own bin(s) for this service. We will gladly use that bin for the service; no deposit is required when using your own extra bin.

What may I put in the bin?

You may ONLY put garden refuse – organic plant material that grows in your garden (grass cuttings, leaves, branches, twigs) in the bin.

NO sand, stones, soil, cement, paper or plastics.

How much rubbish will fit in the bin?

We make use of the 240liter wheelie bins which is suitable for a 3 or more-person household.

It fits approximately 4 x 60lt black bags.

On which day do you collect the bins?

Collection of bins are done every week on the same day. Your collection day is determined according to which suburb you stay in.

To find out which day is your collection day, simply go to our SUBURB page (or click HERE), type your suburb and you will be shown which day is your pick-up day.

Where do I put the bin for you to collect the refuse?

You simply wheel the bin outside your yard, same process as your municipal rubbish removal, to where we can empty it.

When it’s empty you can cart it back into your yard for safekeeping.

What time do I have to have my bin out?

We have different routes which changes our pick-up times constantly, so we ask that the bin be outside at the latest at 08:00 in the morning.

What if I forgot to put the bin out?

We are all human and mistakes do happen, and we will then collect your bin the following week.

My bin was not emptied, why?

The four most common reasons why your bin will not be emptied are:

  1. We may have a problem on our side which prevents us from emptying your bin. If the problem is on our side, you will be informed accordingly and your bin will be emptied on the very next day.
  2. Your bin was put out after the pick-up vehicle cleared your street. All bins must be placed outside by 08:00am on the day of your collection. We cannot collect your bin if it is not placed outside by 08:00am. All of our vehicles have GPS tracking so we are able to see what time the truck went past your house.
  3. Your bin includes waste that is not permitted. Refer to the “What may I put in the bin”
  4. Your bin service has not been paid for. This generally happens if you pay by direct debit and your direct debit fails. It can also happen when you pay in advance and your renewal invoice has not been paid.

What happens if my garden refuse bin gets stolen/damaged? Does it cost?

We will cover the cost of any damage due to normal wear and tear. 

You will be responsible for any malicious damage such as fire, loss, theft or damage due to mishandling of the bin.

Can I take my bin with me when I move?

Yes – If you are moving to an address in Pretoria and wish to continue with the service, then you can take the bin with you.

But you must change your address by logging into your online account, updating your address, checking and confirming the collection day at your new premises (collection days can be checked on our SUBURB page, or click HERE to check) as well as first collection date at the new premises so that your bin continues to get emptied. 

When you initially join the service, stickers showing your house number is fixed onto your bin. The first set of house number stickers we supply free of charge, but if you move to a new premises the numbers on the bin must be changed to the new addresses’ detail. 

This new set of stickers you must order on the same page where you change your address detail, and the cost of these stickers will be for you (cost of stickers will be displayed on that page).

How do I Contact Dump-it-Bin Services?

Simply click the “Chat to us Now” floating button.

Call us on 078 887 8399

Email us at: rubble@dump-it-co.za

WhatsApp on: 078 887 8399

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