Terms and Conditions
Garden Refuse Bin Service

Dump-It Bin Service (DIBS) offers a chargeable weekly collection of household garden
refuse to Pretoria residents. These terms and conditions formalize the arrangement
between Dump-It Bin Service and the customer in regards to this garden refuse service.

1. The garden refuse service is provided all year round, except for the last week of
the year and the first week of the year (Christmas and New Year period). All
subscriptions are renewed annually with effect from 1st January.

2. There are on average four-and-a-half weeks per month in the year. Because
Dump-It Bin Service only ever invoices for a four-week month in an annual cycle,
we utilise the unpaid pick-ups as our leave periods, these being the last week of
December and the first week of January.

3. Bin collections are done during the day and different routes are used depending
on various factors. This means that the bins of clients will not be emptied on the
same time each week.

4. Dump-It Bin Service (DIBS) reserve the right to change customers’ day of
collection for operational reasons. DIBS will notify customers of any changes in
advance. DIBS will ensure that the customer receive a minimum of four (4)
collections during the month.

5. Customers may request to receive one or more extra wheeled bins to use for the
garden refuse service provided that the relevant deposit is paid for the bins.

6. Containers are provided for use by the customer but remain the property of DIBS.

7. Any garden refuse bins provided by DIBS will be new or clean, refurbished bins.

8. After subscribing, the customer will receive their first collection date and if
requested it can be supplied electronically if an email address is provided.

9. For subsequent years of the service, collection days will remain the same unless
notification of change was provided to the client by DIBS.

10. There is no limit to the number of garden refuse containers a customer can have
at their property. Discounts will not be provided for multiple bins or bags.

11. Containers should be presented for collection on the curbside at the boundary of
the property, adjacent to the public road unless alternative arrangements have
been agreed with DIBS.

12. Garden refuse containers must be presented for collection at the latest at 8am on
the correct collection day. If containers are not presented by this time, DIBS will
not return to collect them until the next scheduled collection day.

13. After the containers have been emptied, the crew will return them to the place
from which they were collected. It is the customer’s responsibility to take their
containers back within the boundary of their property no later than the evening of
their collection day.

14. Where a container has been presented correctly but has been missed by the
crew for some reason on our side, then the customer will be notified via sms
about the problem, and the pick-up will automatically be done on the next working
day. If a customer notices the container was not emptied and no correspondence
was received from DIBS by 18:00, then the customer should report a missed
collection to DIBS. A recollection of the missed container will be arranged, and
the missed container should be left at the collection point so DIBS can easily
access it. Recollection of missed containers could take up to two working days
and DIBS will not provide a specific time when the recollection will take place.

15. If your collection day falls on a public holiday, then the bin will not be emptied on
that day. The bin will however be emptied on the first workday after the public
holiday. If the container is not accessible on the collection day DIBS will not
return to recollect the container until the next scheduled collection. In exceptional
circumstances, if a collection vehicle is repeatedly restricted from accessing
containers, residents may be asked to present their containers to a new collection

16. In exceptional weather conditions, particularly very heavy rains, the garden
refuse service may be suspended temporarily for safety reasons until conditions
improve enough to allow collections to be carried out safely. No refunds will be
provided if collections cannot be carried out for reasons beyond DIBS’s control.

17. An assisted collection for the garden refuse service may be provided where a
customer is physically unable to move their containers and where there is no one
else who can move them on their behalf. In such circumstances, the customer
may apply for an assisted collection and an assessment will be carried out by
DIBS. If an assisted collection cannot be safely provided, DIBS reserves the right
to remove the container provided and refund the service (if applicable).
18. The garden refuse service applies to domestic properties as well as commercial

Use of Containers (Wheelie bins / Bags)
1. All garden refuse containers provided remain the property of DIBS at all

2. DIBS reserves the right to remove containers should the householder fail to
make payment for the service or if DIBS withdraws the service for any reason.
Customers are encouraged to identify their property’s bins. Stickers showing
the house number/name will be provided free of charge and applied on the
bin. If the client should move to a new premises and continue with the service,
an additional fee will be applicable for issuing of new bin stickers reflecting the
new house number.

3. Only garden refuse should be placed in the containers provided and all
material can be put in the containers loose. Black bags or liners (including
compostable liners) can also be placed inside the garden refuse containers.

4. Only containers supplied by DIBS will be emptied. No other bins will be
collected unless marked with the relevant DIBS house number sticker. No
loose waste (not placed in the bin), will be collected. For each bin rented from
DIBS, clients are permitted two (2) extra black bags per month. If the client
has more than the two bags extra per month, then DIBS will either charge the
client for an extra pick-up(s) or request the client to get an additional bin.

5. Containers that are overflowing or too heavy for the crew or collection vehicle
to handle will not be collected. Wheeled bins must be presented with closed
lids. If refuse is too compacted and will not come out of the container when
tipped, it will be left in the container and it will be the customer’s responsibility
to remove the refuse before the next scheduled collection.

6. The following garden refuse material (greens) can be placed loose in the
a. Grass cuttings;
b. Hedge and shrub cuttings;
c. Plants and weeds
d. Small branches with a diameter of less than 15cm
e. Bark;
f. Cut flowers and houseplants
g. Leaves and twigs
7. The following materials may NOT be placed in the containers:
a. any non-organic waste;
b. plant pots;
c. seed trays;
d. branches with a diameter of more than 15cm;
e. logs;
f. tree stumps;
g. soil;

h. bricks;
i. rubble;
j. waste resulting from commercial activity;
k. liquids;
l. paint;
m. oil;
n. plastics,
o. paper;
p. ashes;
q. animal feces;
r. animal bedding.

8. A contaminated container (bins containing incorrect material) will not be
emptied and it is the customer’s responsibility to remove the item(s) of
contamination prior to the next collection. DIBS will not return to recollect
contaminated containers until the next scheduled collection.

9. If a container is regularly contaminated and advice has been offered, DIBS
reserves the right to remove the container and cease the collection service.
No refunds will be provided if a service is removed due to persistent

10. Customers are responsible for keeping their containers safe and clean, and
reporting any containers that are damaged. DIBS will replace containers that
become faulty through reasonable wear and tear or are damaged during the
collection process, free of charge within 7 working days. DIBS reserves the
right to make a charge to replace any containers damaged because of misuse
by the customer.

11. If a container appears to have been lost or stolen, the customer must report a
lost container to DIBS, so that a replacement can be delivered and the
applicable deposit to be paid by client.

12. DIBS reserves the right to remove any containers that are identified as
unauthorized or have previously been reported as lost or stolen from another

13. Customers use the containers at their own risk.

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